Supplemental College Essay Example Five, Brown University

BRONX – [Name Omitted], Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Science Survey, has come a long way since the blunder of his first week on the job.

Having yelled at fellow editor and close friend [Name Omitted], to “shut up,” on his second day as chief, [Name Omitted] knew he had to make changes in his style of leadership. “I was ashamed the moment I said it,” said [Name Omitted]. “I couldn’t find a middle ground between friendship and authority.” This was vital because eight of the ten editors claim to have been friends with him long before they began working together.

Co-editor, [Name Omitted], commented, “For [Name Omitted], asking friends to change things they already edited, or to do extra work, was the hardest part of the job.”

However, [Name Omitted] now claims to have learned a life lesson of collaboration. “I’ve come to realize that people who see me as a friend with a suggestion, rather than an authoritative figure with an order, respect what I have to say, and are willingly listen to me.”


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