Supplemental College Essay Example Four, Stanford University

Virtually all of Stanford's undergraduates live on campus. Write a note to your future roommate that reveals something about you or that will help your roommate—and us—know you better.

I opened my wallet for my ID card to sign in. The face on the card isn't even recognizable from years of scratches, nicks and from the one time I accidentally left it in my pocket when I washed my jeans. But the top of it still prominently says "92nd Street Y." I turned and gave my roommate his visitor pass. 

I’ve been going to the "Y" and playing in the basketball league there since I was twelve. The Y continues to be the neighborhood hangout for local basketball players. The ID card was my ticket for what the Y had to offer.

My roommate and I sloshed in with our snow boots, went over to the bleachers and opened our bags to put on our basketball sneakers. Coach John walked toward us and asked “did you see the game last night?” “The refs really blew that call at the end,” I responded. John turned to my roommate and asked, “Are you one of [Name Omitted]’s friends?” He stuck out his right hand and smiled, “Nice to meet you.” We started telling him about our intramural basketball team at Stanford and about going to see the overtime thriller when Stanford came back from ten points down to beat USC. 

John was my coach in the basketball league since I was twelve years old. He was always more than just a coach to me. He was always willing to talk, to give advice or just to listen. The people I’ve met, like Coach John, have made the Y special.

I will be going away to college next year, but I am going to keep my 92nd Y ID card in my wallet. When I return home, I will visit those same bleachers to catch up with John, just like old times. But this time, I will bring my college roommate when he comes home with me to visit New York. I will show him where I spent weekends and afternoons growing up. I look forward to having him meet John and spending a fun afternoon playing our favorite sport, basketball.


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