Supplemental College Essay Example Three, Cornell University

“Why Cornell?” Supplemental College Essay

Great public speakers can command a room and have a profound and lasting impact on their audience. I remember seeing Jim Cramer speak at the 92nd Street Y when I was fourteen years old. The topic of the lecture was how to invest in today’s economy. This was the starting point for my interest in a career in finance and economics. After attending the Cramer presentation, I started learning about the stock market and I put together my own portfolio. I also became an avid reader of The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times business section and many other sources of information regarding investing and economics.  

My interest in economics and the financial industry has continued. In high school, I have worked alongside a Fordham University professor to complete my Intel research project in mathematical economics. Also, investing and following the financial markets has become a hobby of mine.  Cornell University’s economics department is particularly appealing for several reasons. The 2011 reorganization and expansion of the department further enhances the opportunity to take a wide variety of courses within the economics major. The fact that all economics courses are taught by faculty members enhances the quality of the educational experience. The department’s practice of encouraging students to conduct research projects is an additional benefit. I have enjoyed my research experience in high school and look to continue conducting research in college.

A strong background in economics, business and liberal arts studies will complement and enable me to pursue my career dreams. At Cornell University, all the academic departments are top-ranked and given the university’s size, the number of courses offered is vast. This will allow for a strong liberal arts background that will complement my economics and business education. Overall, an economics degree from Cornell will extensively prepare me to work in the financial industry. In addition, the University has a large and distinguished alumni network and this provides internship, networking and outside research opportunities.

The most important component of a great education is the people around you. My professors at Cornell will be as inspiring to me as Jim Cramer. The University attracts some the most highly accomplished students in the world and these students will also greatly enhance the academic experience. The students all become a part of the Cornell community and the combination of the great academics and great social life opportunities would make me feel instantly at home.


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