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Dear Admissions Officer,
I pose to you the following question: Who is the most underrated superhero?

If you do not already have an answer, allow me to assist you. The following is a list of several superheroes, followed by their secret identities. Iron Man, Tony Stark. Batman, Bruce Wayne. Superman, Clark Kent. Hopefully those names sound familiar. Now, here is a tough one. The Flash, ….…?

The answer may vary, based on which era of the Flash we are talking about. But, Barry Allen, Wally West, Jay Garrick, or Bart Allen, all would have been acceptable answers. Now, please forgive me if you know nothing about, nor care anything about comic books or superheroes. However, the fact that the Flash is, in my opinion, the most underrated superhero has irked me for quite some time now and I cannot remain silent on the matter.

First, let me begin by explaining the Flash’s powers. The Flash is what is known in the comic book mythos, as a speedster. Speedsters, quite simply, have the power of super speed. That is it; super speed. No more, no less. What is amazing about The Flash, however, is the infinite amount of applications such a simple power can have.

Based on physics alone, the Flash can do virtually anything. For instance, The Flash can be stronger than Superman himself. Force, which in comic books is often interchangeable with strength, is measured in the real world by multiplying a given mass by the acceleration of that mass. The Flash may have a constant mass, but thanks to his super speed, he can accelerate at near light speed. That means when he is running at top speed, The Flash is functionally the strongest superhero there is.

The Flash can also fly. To use a real-life example, airplanes fly by moving so fast that the air moves over the top of the wings at a lower pressure than the air moving under the wings, thereby creating lift. The reason airplanes can fly that way and humans cannot is because of the speed at which the airplane moves. Speed, however, is not an issue for The Flash. However silly it may be, the flash can run with his arms outstretched an achieve flight just like an airplane does. Or, for a more controlled flight, he can simultaneously spin each arm in a tight circle with his fists facing the ground, creating miniature tornadoes that could lift him up. 

How about the power of intangibility? Easy one. It is a well known comic book fact that the Flash can vibrate his body so quickly that his molecules can phase through any solid object. The Flash can also crack any lock by literally testing every single possible permutation of a combination in just a few seconds. Fires? No problem. The Flash can run circles around a building over and over again, creating a vacuum that sucks out all of the oxygen a fire needs to burn.

It is astounding, then, that such a cool and versatile superhero who can do virtually anything has no block buster summer movies or top-selling video games about him. Not even a simple cartoon! The reason I love The Flash, however, is not because of his awesome red and yellow costume, his cool superpower, or his timely humor. The reason I love the Flash is because I love to talk about the Flash. Whenever I talk about the Flash with my friends, the discussions we have are not heated debates. Rather, they are tests of our knowledge and ingenuity. If you put your mind to it, and exploit the science just enough, you can prove that The Flash can do anything; it is all about being creative. The science may not always be entirely sound, but arguing about what is and what is not scientifically possible is what makes talking about the Flash so incredibly fun. So at least give the guy a movie! 


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