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The information necessary and the deadlines for each college applied to vary to a degree making the process for applying for financial aid complex and challenging. The first step in the process must start with visiting the financial aid section of a school's website.  There is also a Net Price Calculator on each college's website to give an estimate of what a family would have to pay based on their financial background.

Requirements are usually formatted by deadlines. In the process of reviewing each of the individual college’s online financial aid sections, it is crucial to note the deadlines for early and regular decision and varying needs for documents. Adding to the complexity, not all colleges accept electronic delivery of documents via IDOCs. In addition, when you reach the point of using IDOCs you must note that several colleges have their own unique document requirements that must be completed. Successfully completing all the requirements for financial aid is a complex and challenging process within the larger college application effort.


The following are common elements that are usually found in each of the college’s financial aid requirements:

-          Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) ---


-          College Scholarship Service (CSS)-   Financial Aid Profile administered online by the College Board. The College Board is a private company and charges for the use of its services. The service includes use of the Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC) that electronically delivers necessary documents such as tax returns to colleges.

The following is a user-friendly guide that clarifies common questions about FAFSA from 




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