Potential Questions to Ask Your Interviewer, College Interview Preparation

Potential Questions to Ask Your Interviewer:

-          At your school or any other school what are the most important factors in getting off to a fast start at college?


-          Where do remember most about your college experience?


-          What did you find most appealing about your college?


-          How did attending the school prepare you for life after college?


-          What do you suggest to ease the transition to college?


-          If you could change anything about the college what would that be?


-          What are some of the activities you participated in at college?


-          How would you rate the faculty at your college?


-          What do you feel are the academic strengths of the school?


-          How would you describe the social scene?


-          What was the typical weekend like at your college?


-          What do remember most about your time in college?


-          What was your major?


-          Remember school specific questions. For example for your Princeton interview, ask about your interviewer’s Senior Thesis. List of school specific questions can be found in our college reviews.



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