by Natasha

Four months of coding and design. Endless all-nighters. Now, the time had come. The service was set to go live the following day. One week later: 6 countries. One month later: Fourteen countries. Six months later: 29 countries. My first attempt at creating an online service was the result of a desire to help those frustrated and baffled students like me who were spending incessant amounts of time looking up reliable sources of study. Fueled by this inspiration, I created Weltweit Education Organization (www.weltweitedu.org.in).

A friend with Dreamweaver, helped me release it into the mainstream. Soon, it had users from over 25 countries and 150 cities. Envisioning expanding further, I began wrestling with Management principles needing to determine when one should start adding advertisements to the site without taking away from the aesthetic interface. Embracing the fickle nature of this business, I want to determine how to accurately gauge user response to interfering advertisements and how to produce cutting-edge technologies bound to charm even the least technologically inclined users. NYU’s Polytechnic School and Leonard N. Stern School of Business, offer programs where I will be able to master administration fundamentals, especially self-owned business.

One needs to circulate these new findings, to be able to bring advances to ordinary people. Growing up in India and Dubai, I have seen the vast divide between those with technological know-how and those unaware. I hope to become a mediator and publicize new findings to bridge this divide. Practically, I have needed to draw from several fields, technology, science and management, to accomplish many of my goals. Yet, one can't overlook the emphasis given to the study of humanities, as a true liberal arts education is just as necessary to the success of these inevitable interactions as is a professional education. Combining my business-oriented studies with NYU’s science and arts program, I want to learn every aspect of research and development of a new product, from marketing to operations. Clearly, the integration of these departments is a precursor for success. Yet, even more importantly, the assimilation of technology and management has beneficial consequences for humanity. Through all the science quizzes I have participated in, there was one recurring theme: while we could write thousands of lines of code, we couldn't come close to simulating the brain’s complexity. This application of psychology – imitating the human brain – intrigues me to the extent that I want to combine these interrelated fields into a unified study.

I hope that within the CAS School, I can realize my dreams of creating that ultimate business by amalgamating corresponding fields of study. A key fact about CAS School is that it doesn't just produce intelligent individuals – it produces leaders ready to innovate and tackle the most imperative problems of our day. With an undecided selection, I aspire to climb the same ladder as world-renowned NYU alumni such as Charles Flint, Michael Benjamin or Woody Allen. I aspire to challenge both my peers and myself at NYU.

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