Hi, I am applying for NYU and here is my essay :) Thanks for help. This is a big help for me.

NYU is global, urban, inspired, smart, connected, and bold. What can NYU offer you, and what can you offer NYU? (200-400 words)

I was once a New Yorker in New York, “The city of Art”. All places came to me as the scenes from the movies ‘August Rush’, ‘Begin Again’ and ‘Home Alone’. Broadway musicals like ‘Lion King’ and ‘Matilda’ assured me to pursue my dream as a theater scene designer. Art works of galleries in SoHo expanded my interest in Art as whole. While looking closely at diverse people and sights, New York seemed vibrant, lively and attractive. In New York, I often imagined myself being permanent a New Yorker studying and enjoying my life in this city.

When people think of New York, New York University is one of the things that come to their mind at first thought. New York University stands in the middle of New York City and it is just like New York City. NYU offers boundless opportunities to students from all over the place with its many courses. NYU can be a cradle for me where I can use and develop my artistic ability.

My role models, Oliver Stone, graduated from NYU. Learning Theatre in high school, I was greatly impressed by his films including ‘Platoon’, ‘Born on the fourth of July’ and ‘Alexander’. His camerawork is something unique. I always have been respecting people with great feats and have been longing to become one of them in the future. I am sure that I will be able to fulfill my aim at New York University

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