Dartmouth Peer Evaluation Example

How long have you known this candidate and in what context?

I have known [Name Omitted] for ten years. We went to the same summer day camp when we were in elementary school and I connected with [Name Omitted] because we had similar interests. We spent hours at camp discussing and playing every sport from baseball to kickball. This is where our friendship began and it has continued through high school.

We now attend different high schools and even with this added challenge we are still best friends. He continued to reach out to me and got me involved in his circle of [Name of High School Omitted] friends. At the same time, he also became a part and involved with my circle of friends at my high school.

I feel [Name Omitted] is a person who others gravitate towards. He is always there for advice and guidance, whether it’s to help with my math homework or just to talk, he is always there for me.  


What are the first words that come to your mind to describe this candidate?

The first word that comes to my mind when asked this question is: humorous. [Name Omitted] has a very unique sense of humor because of his overall intelligence.

He is also very hardworking and diligent. We went to the same middle school and he was top of our graduating class. In high school I continue to hear of and observe his great academic successes. From the first moment you speak to [Name Omitted]  you know that he is a bright, focused and motivated person.



We both have grown in the ten years we have known each other. We went through some of the same difficulties and challenges at the same time; growing up, adapting to high school, relationships, the SATs, and of course, wearing braces.

We were both in our middle school’s band and we both wore braces. In the beginning, I was having difficulties playing my trumpet when I first got my braces put on. I felt as though I just wanted to quit the band. [Name Omitted] saw I was embarrassed because I could not play up to the standards of the band. [Name Omitted]  was playing well. He invited me over to his apartment after school that day and we practiced. I was struggling to play a basic piece. I revealed to him I wanted to quit. 

The first think he said was don’t quit. He told me it took him a few weeks to be able to play with his braces. He told me he went after school to request the help of our music teacher and practiced for a few hours every night at home. He said it was very tough for him to get over the hurdle of playing with braces.

I realized that the problem was not the braces, but it was my lack of persistence. I was not putting in the level of effort necessary to overcome this challenge. I was simply not practicing enough to overcome wearing braces.

[Name Omitted] didn’t view his braces as an inhibiting factor, it was just temporary roadblock. He overcame this obstacle by working through the challenge. I followed his example, requested extra help of my teacher and put in the hours of extra practice at home. Just like him, it took a few weeks, but I eventually was able to play. By example, [Name Omitted] taught me the lesson of hard work and preparation. This lesson has stuck with me and when facing a challenge I remember his good example. 

This is one of many examples of [Name Omitted]’s influence on others.  [Name Omitted] has been a strong positive force in my life and I would even go as far to say he is an excellent role model. [Name Omitted]’s character and work habits are why I believe he will be very successful in his next step in life.  


Thank you, [Name Omitted, (Name of person writing the peer evaluation on the applicant’s behalf)]


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