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 Princeton University Review

 Yale University Review

 Harvard University Review

 Columbia University Review

 University of Pennsylvania Review

 Brown University Review

 Dartmouth College Review

 Cornell University Review

 Stanford University Review

 Georgetown University Review

 Duke University Review

 Northwestern University Review

 Vanderbilt University Review

 Johns Hopkins University Review

 University of Chicago Review

 MIT Review

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Using the Reviews

One of the most important steps in the college admissions process is selecting the right set of colleges to apply to and that are most suitable for a candidate. The primary value of this section is that it provides a comprehensive yet concise and readable analysis of each of the elite colleges. The information is presented in a highly usable format so you can learn as much as possible about each of the elite colleges and select to apply to the colleges that are identified as best matches for you.

Each of the elite colleges is in some degree unique and offer students differing college experiences. Identifying a college environment that matches your needs and is the most suitable for you is always a first step in the college admissions process. Therefore, these reviews will serve as a powerful resource in deciding which of the elite schools is best for you.

This material can also be used to answer supplemental essay questions found on a college’s application. Supplemental application essay questions usually require in-depth knowledge regarding a college to successfully answer. The supplied background information will prove to be a crucial resource when formulating answers to these essay questions.

An additional valuable use for these reviews is for them to be used to prepare a student for the college interview process. A candidate on an interview for one of these elite colleges must be ready to answer specific questions about that school and especially be ready for the following question. For example, a candidate on their Yale college interview will have to answer: Why do you want to attend Yale University? Reading these college reviews along with reviewing the interview resources found on this site will assist you in being extremely well-prepared for any college interview.


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