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Why Georgetown? - Georgetown University - College Review



Georgetown University students have a strong pre-professional outlook. They tend to be career minded and many prepare to enter the political and business worlds after graduation. The school has many type A, go-getters who tend to be extroverted, driven and self-motivated while being very concerned with their grades. Students desiring a high degree of handholding and active support by the school will be disappointed. The school is made for the self-directed.

Georgetown University students face a demanding and rigorous core curriculum that dominates their first two years at the school. Courses to fulfill a major are usually taken during junior and senior years. Flexibility of mixing and matching core, required and elective courses is somewhat limited by the school.

Work hard and play hard is the prevailing Georgetown attitude. Georgetown students know how to mix it up and take full advantage of all the numerous parties, events, activities offered both on or near campus and in the city of Washington DC. Georgetown students take the time to have fun and school spirit is very much alive at the university.


Strength of the School:

Georgetown University's location in Washington DC greatly complements the university's academic strengths of providing a first-class educational experience for students in preparation for careers in government and business. Washington DC is the nation's capital with virtually limitless opportunities for students to get involved in government or business. The Georgetown area of Washington DC is a very sought after location and is somewhat secluded from the rest of the city. Georgetown’s traditional looking campus is quite beautiful and the overall feel of the immediate area is that of an upscale urban community. With a little extra effort for travel, all of the urban amenities of a rapidly improving and more livable Washington DC are at hand.

The Washington DC location supports Georgetown's efforts to enhance its global orientation. Georgetown purposely tries to provide its students an increasingly global orientation in preparation for any type of future career.

Georgetown's Jesuit heritage enhances the ideals of education with a purpose, active intellectual pursuit and service to the community. The faculty is well regarded by the students and is generally devoted to undergraduate teaching. Many have the added advantage of backgrounds that include insider access to a variety of government and business entities.




-          The 7,000 undergraduates attending Georgetown are split into four schools: Georgetown College, The Walsh School of Foreign Service, The McDonough School of Business and The School of Nursing and Health Studies.


-          On the graduate level, there is the Georgetown Law Center, School of Medicine, The School of Continuing Studies and the MBA program at The McDonough School of Business.


-          A pre-professional attitude dominates the academic atmosphere at Georgetown. Georgetown students are career minded, ambitious and devoted to their studies and participating in prestigious internships in Washington DC. Students take schoolwork very seriously and earning good grades is very important to them. Overall, the academics are challenging.


-          In all of Georgetown's courses an international and global perspective is emphasized.


-          Georgetown has a reputation for having a very rigorous set of general academic requirements. All of the four undergraduate colleges at Georgetown share a core curriculum of required courses in science, theology, philosophy and history. Core classes tend to be taken the first two years at the school, while requirements for a major are concentrated in junior and senior years. The lack of flexibility to spread all these requirements across all four years is a common complaint of many Georgetown students.


-          Georgetown students rate their faculty very highly. Many of the professors at Georgetown come to the school with a wealth of professional experience both in government and business. This insider factor generally adds to a pragmatic and practical approach to academics.


-          Professors generally are dedicated to providing a high level of instruction in the classroom. Manageable sized classes are the norm at Georgetown and this allows a degree of personal interaction between student and professor.



Student/ Social Life:

-          A student mentality of work hard and party hard operates on the Georgetown campus. Georgetown tends to attract students open to enjoying a good social life and to making friends and to sharing good times.


-          Students praise the local Georgetown section of Washington DC and all of the advantages that the nation’s increasingly vibrant capital present. Washington DC is a city of power, possibilities, potential and ambitions. Internships in both government and business are readily available to Georgetown students. The urban lifestyle mixed with all of the national attractions and resources available in the city make Washington DC a very favorable place for a college student to live.


-          The Georgetown section of the city is fashionable, residential and somewhat removed from the city as a whole due to public transportation limitations. Georgetown is accessible, however, it takes a little extra effort to travel to the local Metro stop and the rest of the city. On the other hand, this element of inaccessibility also has the positive of providing a relatively quiet campus. The Georgetown area serves as a very attractive “college town” in the middle of the larger Washington DC Metro area.


-          Many students appreciate that Georgetown's “right size” population of 6,300 undergraduates makes it small enough to see friends and acquaintances around campus and large enough to make new friends at any time.


-          Greek life is not officially sanctioned on-campus so Georgetown students rely on other student organizations, parties and gatherings and several popular eating and drinking establishments in the immediate Georgetown area to provide a social outlet.


-          Various types of student activities flourish at Georgetown. The opportunity to participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities, such as political clubs and many other types of organizations is available. Playing intramural sports is a popular activity at Georgetown, many students share the background of being on a varsity sports team in high school.


-          Rooting for Georgetown’s very successful basketball team is a passion for many students and goes a long way to enhance school spirit. The Georgetown basketball team plays at the downtown Verizon Center and is typically a well regarded and recognized basketball program that has enjoyed wide success. Many accomplished and famous players over the years have gone on to enjoy successful NBA careers.


-          Student dress well and the preppy and athletic look is alive at Georgetown. Many students work to keep up their physical appearances. Good fitness is also practiced as well as wearing fashionable and expensive clothing to class.


-          Many students come from a background of privilege and private school however, Georgetown like many of the nation’s elite schools has worked hard to promote and attract a diverse set of students. The result has been that the student body now comes from many types of backgrounds including many international students. However, even given these changes the stereotype of the preppy Georgetown student still persists.


-          Given its location and academic courses and majors geared to the study of government and politics, it is not surprising that Georgetown has a student body that at times responds publicly to certain events. For the most part, public displays of political action are not a daily or ongoing experience at Georgetown.


-          Georgetown is by tradition a Catholic and Jesuit University. Students generally downplay the daily influence of this background. Positive attributes of the tradition include a generally excellent commitment to service and to learning and developing the intellectual aspects of a person.


-          Georgetown’s location in the nation's capital guarantees a wide range of very important speakers often visit the campus.




The Georgetown experience is defined by its location in Washington DC. Georgetown University fully utilizes the vast number of career, professional and entertainment resources available in the city. Washington DC is increasingly improving as a place to live, however, the level of crime is still somewhat of an issue. While the campus is slightly inaccessible to public transportation, with a little extra effort, travel around the city is very doable. Georgetown is a globally focused University in an increasingly cosmopolitan and international city. Washington DC is a major center of power that attracts people from all over the world.



Don’t go to Georgetown if:

Don’t go if you can’t balance academics and social life. If not, you won’t be able to have the full Georgetown experience. There are many facets to the Georgetown social scene, basketball, its Washington DC location and on campus events. A student has to balance this with rigorous academics. Also, if you are an introverted person, Georgetown may not be right for you. If you want a large degree of flexibility so far as selecting courses don’t go. The core academic requirements at Georgetown greatly limit course selection.



Georgetown Interview- College Specific Questions to Ask the Interviewer:

-          How did the Jesuit tradition influence life at Georgetown?


-          What opportunities did you take advantage of in the Washington DC area while attending? 


-          What personal characteristics do you have to possess in order to fit in well at Georgetown?


-          How did Georgetown Basketball contribute to your college experience?


-          During your time, what special visitors came to speak at Georgetown?


-          Can you describe the core curriculum’s affect on the academic experience?


-          Which factors contribute to the sense of school spirit?  


-          How well are students able to strike a balance between academics and social life?



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Bill Clinton

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Luis Fortuno

Pat Buchanan

Bradley Cooper

Robert Gates

Alexander Haig

Ted Leonsis 


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