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The college admissions interview is not as important of a component of the application process when compared to essays, grades and test scores but it is still a necessary step in the application process for elite universities. A great interview is helpful, anything that can allow you to stand out during the application process is key when schools are breaking their own records for lowest acceptance rates year after year. A truly bad interview can get an applicant rejected and a truly great interview, in some cases, can assist the applicant and enable them to land in the accepted pile. This website is here to teach you and prepare you to have a great interview to help get you into the accepted 10 percent. This website takes you through all the steps of the college interview process from what to expect when you show up for a college admissions interview, to the college interview  questions you will be asked and how to answer them, to how to prepare for the college interview, this website will teach you how to master the college interview.


A quick overview:

You will probably participate in several college admissions interviews and each experience will be different. Each interviewer will have a different style, objectives, backgrounds and reactions to you so each interview will be somewhat of a unique experience. However, most college interviews will have many characteristics in common and many college interview questions in common so adequate preparation and practice in advance is required and will provide you the necessary edge. A degree of trepidation about the college interview process is natural, however proper preparation and practice allows you to better control the outcome and to lower the overall level of anxiety.

Properly executed, the interview process should be a rewarding experience. Keep in mind while the interviewer is evaluating your credentials and qualifications, you should use the interview process as another important step in determining which school is right for you. The process must include preparation and practice on your part before entering into an interview.


In-depth resources for the college interview: 

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