College Interview How to Practice and Prepare

How to Practice and Prepare for your College Admissions Interviews:


The other sections of this website provide all the necessary information that will allow you to adequately prepare and practice for the interviews. They include:

-          A collection of the most popular general question that are most often encountered on a college interview.


-          General questions that you can ask the interviewer.


-          Profiles of the most popular, elite universities that provide background information that is specific to each college including questions that can be asked of your interviewer.


Practicing with the assistance of another person is crucial to be adequately prepared for the interview. It is important to use another person as a resource during the process because nothing will prepare you better than rehearsing the interviews. To know that you are ready you need a good feel for all the questions and a good feel for the school you are interviewing for. Have your volunteer play the role of interviewer and rehearse until your interview skills are good enough to become a member of the accepted 10 percent.


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