by Mahdi Bansi

After high school, I fell in love. I fell in love with a community that thrives in beauty and diversity. Oh! I fell in love with a certified arboretum.
Opportunities and experiences are two great friends that work together to guarantee a student`s success, and as a student who is ready to make good use of the opportunities and experiences I come across, I realized it was Vassar!
I`ve always challenged myself to understand the political development and organization of a country as well as the process by which leaders manage the affairs of a state. At the beginning of my senior year in high school, I became the head of the Students` Representative Council. This impression came from an intrinsic passion for Political Science, and growing interest in social science.
Vassar College will not only make the Rockefeller Hall available for me to delve deeper into my passion for a great future but will also grant me the opportunity get involved in its many extracurricular activities, which I am sure obtaining positions similar to the ones I held back in high school would not be difficult. One of the clubs that I have discovered is the Amnesty International. Human rights protection is something that I plan to support after college and hope to get involved in at Vassar.
The rigorous coursework and generous research opportunities at Vassar will provide the challenge I need in order to pursue my passion.
Vassar`s great liberal arts education will not only allow me to explore other areas of study but also give me the chance to learn languages with its Self-Instructional Language Program.

As someone worships nature, every moment I spend at Vassar is going to be an unforgettable one. I want to hike with some friends through the ecological reserve located on campus with wooded trails and open meadows to refresh our minds, reduce fatigue and increase our energy for rigorous academic work.
I want to have a class with my mates together with Professor Katherine Hite on the lawn along the Sunset Lake. I want to spend some time inhaling the sweet fragrance of the Honey Suckle flower at the Shakespeare Garden, and the best of all watch an appealing performance by the Vassar Devils at the Vogelstein Center for Drama and Film.

Vassar is the only college that will bring me all of these opportunities and experiences, which will help me become the best I can possibly be tomorrow.
Now tell me, why not Vassar?

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