What to expect when you show up for your College Interview, College Interview Preparation

What to expect when you show up for your interview:


-          Be ready to shake hands with the interviewer upon introduction. The interview will begin with the interviewer explaining the process of what needs to be accomplished during the next 45 minutes to an hour.


-          If your interview takes place in a public location that serves coffee, tea or food the interviewer most likely offer to buy you something. Be polite and accept the offer for something small like coffee, tea or a soft drink.


-          The interviewer will likely be ready to take notes regarding your interview. Many colleges want the interviewer to submit a written report to the admissions board. Each college has a format for the written report and some are highly structured and some are not. Some interviewers will choose to adhere strictly to the college‚Äôs format while some will choose to take a more flexible approach.


-          Most interviewers want to put you quickly at ease. They want to alleviate any tension, the most important reason is that they want to get to learn the best that you have the offer over the next 45 minutes to an hour. The people who volunteer to conduct these interviews tend to enjoy the process of assisting prospective applicants through the process of making good decisions. Many simply enjoy the experience of helping young people make a very important decision in their lives.



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