Every year elite universities break their own records for lowest admission rates. For some schools, 90% of applicants or more are rejected as college admissions is becoming more and more competitive. The question is, how do you get yourself into the accepted 10 percent?

Accepted10percent.com is the go to resource guide for college admissions at elite schools. This site was compiled by a student who recently navigated the college admissions process and gained acceptance into several of the country's top universities. The website provides in-depth college reviews for Ivy League schools and other top-ranked schools, college interview assistance complete with mock interview questions and answers, college essay help including a college essay help forum and college essay examples from students admitted to the Ivy League and the resources necessary to help at any and every step of the college process. This is the online place to get yourself into the accepted 10 percent and the website to help you master the college admissions process. 



Preview of Princeton University Review:

With many schools of Princeton's caliber, the toughest aspect of the school is getting in. While Princeton's acceptance rate is in the single digits, most students would agree the most arduous, yet most rewarding aspect of the Princeton experience is the academics. A student at Princeton gets taught by full professors, who could also happen to be a bestselling author, a leading economic advisor or a Nobel Prize winner. Students get to build personal relationships with the prominent faculty and receive a first class education focused on the undergraduate….

For more college reviews including the complete Princeton University review and reviews on all the other Ivy League schools and other top colleges, click here, or the “College Reviews” box in the navigation column on the left.

Do you know how to answer these college interview questions?

What are your greatest strengths?

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Who is your role model and why?

What book do you wish you have written?

Why do you want to attend ______ University?


For more college interview questions, including in-depth analysis on how to answer over 40 of the most common college interview questions, what to expect when you show up for your college interview and how to prepare for your college interview, click here, or the “College Interview Questions” box in the navigation column on the left.



This is the opening paragraph for an accepted Columbia University student’s college essay:

“You want pasta for breakfast? You eat so much pasta you’ll turn into spaghetti,” my grandmother responded with a smile after I told her that I wanted pasta for breakfast. “Are you sure you don’t want pancakes or cereal?” She knew my answer….

If you want to read the rest of this essay, click here, or view other essay examples of students accepted to Ivy League schools, get college essay help, want information on college essay topics, or links to the best college essay resources, click here, or the “College Essay Help” box in the navigation column on the left. Do you want free feedback on your own college essay, help brainstorming or submit an example of a successful college essay? Click here, to go to our college essay forum.



Do you want to earn your place in the accepted 10 percent? Do you want to attend one of the most prestigious universities in the country? We are the college admissions resource guide to make this happen. Click here, or the “College Admissions Assistance” box on the navigation column for the full college admissions resource guide with links to most useful and helpful resources to guide you through the college process.

The Starter Kit:

The four books highlighted in this section have been selected as the best in each of their categories and are essential resources to build the foundation of knowledge necessary to get started in the college admissions process. They cover four of the key steps of the college admissions process which are:

-        Selecting a College

-        Writing College Essays

-        Mastering and Completing the Common Application

-        Financing your College Education

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